Eddie Huang: the Younger, Tubbier, Asianer Anthony Bourdain

Stumbled across this video series by Vice (when did Vice become so awesome, by the way?), profiling the motherland formerly known as Formosa, or: Eddie Huang's "Fresh Off the Boat" take on Taiwan. It's a nice picture of how amazing Taiwan is and there are some moments of pure hilarity as well. Three part series is featured in full and observations below.

Part I ...

Observations: for some reason, so many Asian people always say "bye bye" in English when ending a conversation and bidding farewell, evn after speaking in their mother tongue exclusively before. Seriously, listen for it from now on. Separately, like one of the commenters, I lost it at "gayke."

Part II ...

Observations: a Taiwanese person asks about the American burger eating stance and Eddie does an hysterical impression of Guy Fieri around the 5:30 mark. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Guy Fieri wouldn't be so easy to make fun of if he didn't insist that we pronounce his last name fee-eh-di, amirite?

Part III ...

Observations: at about 5:35, we meet not the winner, but the runner-up to "Best Manner 2006," an award ripe for engrish.com.

Overall, I like this guy because he laughs at his own jokes! Keepin' it real, yo. He's written a book, and it's getting some solidly positive publicity. <-- You should definitely click all of those links, because there is nothing cuter than old family photos of Asian babies.

This is big for Taiwan, and it's sure to be big in Taiwan as well.

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