Round-up: Legitimate Rape Edition

Sometimes crazy talk flies out of a politician's mouth. Many smart people who care about people and priorities and PussyRiot take it seriously and get all angry and mobilized. I, on the other hand, guess at hashtags on Twitter until I find giggles galore.

ROB FEE: Will someone please show Todd Akin the opening scene of ‘Look Who’s Talking’

BENARI POULTEN: What's funny is that Rep. Todd Akin is the poster boy for birth control.

ALEX BLAGG: Feel confident my body will find a way to shut down this Beefy 5-Layer Double-Stuft Burrito. #legitimaterape

JESS DWECK: To be fair, Todd Akin did say "from what I understand."

ANDY LEVY: "It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that's really rare" - Todd Akin, excited to be trending on twitter

My fave so far:

KATHY SALERNO: "Shouldn't I put on a condom?" "Nah, babe. I'll just shut it down"

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