Follow-up: Just a Reminder

Follow-up: Just a Reminder
"For the last time, my title is *BUYER*, not Shopper, damn it all."

Remember this fiasco? Our Class Gift logo that featured in a scene of Highly Successful People (not pictured: seven habits of) that was approx. 2% female and that and the token female was depicted as not so much succeeding as shopping?

Whenever someone else whines about something, legitimate or not, my facetious reply is typically, "I really think you should write a letter." I never expect anyone to actually do so, because I myself have never written a letter and I consider myself a woman of letters. Well, apparently someone did write in about that two dimensional icon, because the logo, as you see above, was actually changed! I would call this Power of the Press: Part II, The Bride of Press Power, but it wasn't me, I swear.

Never mind that the woman leading the pack is holding a bag undoubtedly called a Shopper.

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