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Round-up: Chris Brown Album Reviews
An effective album review, as it turns out, requires only six words… on his new album, Fortune: “Chris Brown hits women. Enough said.” And while we’re here…let’s just mention this. (via reddit)

This is a game of sanitary Russian roulette

This is a game of sanitary Russian roulette
Two things. First, I have stumbled across the greatest Amazon product review ever. Regarding the otherwise blah psyllium husks actual, I clicked into reviews thinking, “Why would anyone give fiber a five star review?” And then … everything suddenly made sense in my life. Quest For No-Wipe, May 18, 2011 By Maven Carraway This review is from: NOW... Read more »

Scramble with Non-Friends

Scramble with Non-Friends
Sometimes in an effort to hone life skills, I play random opponents in Scramble with Friends. Sometimes these randos try to chat with me between rounds with comments like “Such a close game!” or “Why is Hades recognized as a word but Taser isn’t??” Sometimes, I indulge them and reply but most times, I ignore them... Read more »

TMI: Fast Food Confessions, Part III

TMI: Fast Food Confessions, Part III
Courtesy of the ever-great, Reddit, we bring you Part III of the TMI: Fast Food Confessional series via “Fast food workers of Reddit, what is the one menu option at your employment that you would recommend people never eat?”  (Previously: Part I and Part II). This time, though, the best points are summarized at the top,... Read more »
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