No MBA student left behind

...except for me. I'm approximately half an academic quarter behind in all my classes already, and it's only Week 4! Midterms next week? I just bought my books!

So this all should be hardly surprising.  Every quarter I vow to be on top of things, but now in my 7th (of 8) quarter of my MBA career, I am coming to terms that it is physically impossible, what with:

  • Historical data gathered and regressed that demonstrates my failure to complete what might be ultimately deemed the vast majority of assigned readings in my previous six quarters,
  • Which has led me to stop buying a good 50% of required textbooks,
  • Which makes said assigned reading impossible anyway.

And this analysis doesn't even consider my busy schedule of internet meme learning and Downton Abbey. So why bother?

Or maybe I'm just not trying hard enough. Actually I know I'm not trying hard enough. Alexsey Vayner just called me up laugh in my face and remind me that Impossible is Nothing, and Michael Cera chimed in with basically the same thought, that Impossible is the Opposite of Possible. Okay, okay, I get it.

And as overwhelmed as I feel, First-years currently have it way worse, for internship recruiting circus is far from calm, yet it carries on ...

  • I realize I should have scheduled my 'first-year classes'/ breadth requirements for this quarter in this my final and second year, because First-years are so busy with recruiting now (and hence skipping out on classes, not turning in assignments, bombing exams) that their terrible academic performance should set the grading curve lower than normal.
  • Especially for my Investment Management comrades, I empathize. Ignore your friends celebrating their banking and consulting offers. For you lucky lot, it's not a sprint, it's a marathon.
  • I had more bullet points than this, but I can't continue because of the horrid flashbacks.  Happy thoughts! Fluffy white bunnies! Brown paper packages tied up with string! Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles!

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