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In Honor of the Star Wars Trailer, 15 of the Best Movie Trailers Ever!

Ry's #5
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The Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer came out on Black Friday and lit up the fanboy internet like a lightning storm on Tatooine. Never before has such furor and excitement been expended on an 80 second teaser. The trailer is an important part of the film industry. It serves as a first look and advertising... Read more »

Should The Academy Wait Five Years to Award The Oscars?

The Motion Picture Academy seems to make many mistakes (just ask Martin Scorsese). We know that they obviously mean well, but does the art form of cinema just require more reflection? should they just wait five years to award the Oscars? We think perhaps they should. Recently we sat down in CinemaJaw Studios with comedian/filmmaker... Read more »

Best of 2013 Podcast with guest Brian Tallerico

Hey all you ChicagoNow readers. Thank you for reading our posts, and making this another great outlet for CinemaJaw’s brand of movie news, reviews and interviews! We are honored to be here on this network and look forward to another great year in 2014!! For your enjoyment, here is our Best of 2013 podcast with... Read more »

Gravity Review: You Don't Have to be High, But It Would Help

Long since passed are what I call my “college years” and with it passed my interest in mind altering chemicals. However I can feel the slightest pang of jealousy for the stoner in line for the new Sandra Bullock, George Clooney film Gravity, which opened last week, because seeing this movie high MUST BE AWESOME!... Read more »

For Father's Day, Our Top 10 Movie Dads from CinemaJaw

10 - Father of the Bride. You can pretty much take your pick between Spencer Tracy in the original film, or Steve Martin in the remake. Both were excellent and understanding dads. I happen to be more familiar with and a bigger fan of Steve Martin. So he gets the nod from me.
Happy Father’s Day from CinemaJaw! Dad is a particular animal. On our latest podcast we sat down with actor, movie guru and former co-host of hit radio show Filmspotting, Matty “Ballgame” Robinson, to discuss our Top 10 Movie Dads. Just in time for Father’s Day! Take a look at my picks below, but you’ll have... Read more »

Is Ender's Game the Next Chick-fil-A?

CinemaJaw is not about politics. We have always kept our personal views out of the lighthearted discussion of movies. However, though it saddens me, this question needs to be asked: when does a filmmaker/director/screenwriter/actor/etc.’s personal politics, statements or actions overshadow the work? I am a huge fan of the Hugo Award-winning novel Ender’s Game. I’m... Read more »

Can Iron Man 3 push the Iron Man Series Past the Latest Batman Trilogy?

Here at CinemaJaw, Matt, Eliaz and Ry the Movie Guy don’t always agree. In fact rarely, if ever, do we agree. Movies being such a subjective topic and tastes varying so wildly, it is tough to find common ground. Bottom line here: we argue a lot about movies. Rather than resort to fisticuffs we have devised a... Read more »

Chicago Comedian and Filmmaker Joe Avella On What Goes into His Projects

Chicago Comedian and Filmmaker Joe Avella On What Goes into His Projects
Recently CinemaJaw was lucky enough to have Joe Avella on the podcast. Joe, a prolific creator, does lots of film stuff in Chicago. Most notably I releasing a feature film last summer called Master of Inventions. A no-budget comedy that he wrote, directed, co-stared, produced, edited, and almost lost his mind over…. He was kind... Read more »

Should Hollywood Be Re-releasing Classic Films with the 3D Treatment - A CinemaJaw "3D" Opinion

 Welcome to CinemaJaw 3D. Here you will find perspectives on issues involving the movies from the point of view of the CinemaJaw team: Matt K.(the Fan), Eliaz Rodriguez (the Filmmaker), and Ry The Movie Guy (the Critic). One Argument, Three Perspectives, Never One-Dimensional! Should Hollywood be re-releasing classic films like Jurassic Park with the 3D treatment? Ry... Read more »