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Five 3D Movies Worth Putting Glasses On For

5) Dredd : This high octane action movie flew under most people's radar. Seek the movie out and if you can - see it in 3D! Blood splattering in slow-motion has never looked so good
The Great Gatsby as a whole left a lot to be desired. One area where it severely lacked was the 3D effects.  Movies are expensive enough without having to pay an extra $3-4 to look goofy wearing big glasses in the theater with no benefit. This summer it seems every major release is released in 3D, yet... Read more »

Should Hollywood Be Re-releasing Classic Films with the 3D Treatment - A CinemaJaw "3D" Opinion

 Welcome to CinemaJaw 3D. Here you will find perspectives on issues involving the movies from the point of view of the CinemaJaw team: Matt K.(the Fan), Eliaz Rodriguez (the Filmmaker), and Ry The Movie Guy (the Critic). One Argument, Three Perspectives, Never One-Dimensional! Should Hollywood be re-releasing classic films like Jurassic Park with the 3D treatment? Ry... Read more »