Reviewed this episode: Tomb Raider, Terms of Endearment
(I for an I) Interested or Ignore: Pacific Rim Uprising
Trivia: Action Movie Cast Trivia

One of the best things about movie fandom is getting to watch the rising and falling stars of up and comers. This week, in honor of Alicia Vikander of Tomb Raider fame, we are taking a look at the feminine side of what’s new in Hollywood as we cove our Top 5 Promising Young Actresses.

Joining us is a woman who has established herself as a radio mainstay of the Des Moines area morning dial. Originally from Chicago,  Colleen Kelly has co-hosted Ken, Colleen, and Kurt in the Morning on Star 102.5 in Des Moines, IA since 2000! She has a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old so most of the movies she watches are admittedly produced by Disney or Pixar. That said, she has seen more of the recent releases than many of our filmmaking guests, she has a wonderful love of and taste in movies!  Also, (full disclosure) she happens to be a lifelong friend of Matt K’s wife and a spiller of coffee on radio equipment! We have a wonderful time talking with Colleen about rising stars, Star 102.5, movies, and the aforementioned coffee.

So plug in those earbuds, you’ll make it baby… You’re a Star!

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