We Discuss Portal Movies with Hello From The Magic Tavern

Reviewed This Episode: Spectre, Peanuts, The 33
I for an I: Huger Games – Mocking Jay pt. 2
Trivia: Hunger Games Cast Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Who is the better movie wizard Dumbledore or Gandalf

Gateways and portals to other dimensions exist. We call them silver screens. The movies are a perfect doorway to other worlds both friendly and fierce. This week we are taking a look at Portal Movies.

Joining us is the perfect guest. Matt Young is one of the stars of the acclaimed Hello From The Magic Tavern podcast. Not coincidentally, HftMT takes place in another dimension, in a magical tavern in the Narnia like land of Foon. Each week some of Chicago’s best comedy improvisers join the regular cast in telling the story and fleshing out the fantastical land. It’s Hilarious! Seriously, check it out!!


So take a trip down the rabbit hole with us and see what other dimensions really exist! Listen –

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