Chicago’s Best Movie Theater Just Got Better

Everyone loves going to the movies. When you go to the theater you might as well go in style. The Showplace Icon located in the South Loop neighborhood has long been the best venue in the city to see your favorite movies sparkle to life on the big screen and it just got even better. I was able to check out the new James Bond film SPECTRE there last night and was happy with what I found. Their two V.I.P. theaters have been renovated with leather recliners and small tables so you can easily enjoy your drinks and food as you take in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. They also gave a facelift to their Lobby Lounge which is a great place to grab cocktail and a bite before, after, or during your movie. The showplace Icon also sports reserved seating, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and giant wall to wall screens in the theater. Couple this in with free parking and you basically have a utopia for film lovers. With the Chicago weather starting to turn cold it is the perfect time to snuggle into a comfy seat, grab a drink, and enjoy some cinema.

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