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If you listen to CinemaJaw, even if this is your first time listening, then you like the movies. A big part of why we like the movies is going out to the theater. The smell of popcorn wafts through the air, and tacky carpet lines the lobby. Years of spilled sodas have left the theater floor just a little sticky. Perhaps you held hands with a romantic interest for the first time in a movie theater, perhaps it was a favorite date option for you, perhaps you love to just go by yourself and escape for a bit… Whatever your reason for going, we’re with you. We love the movies too! Going to the movies especially. That is why this week we are  covering our favorite Movie Theater Scenes.


So this episode we visit one of the most posh theaters in Chicago, the famous ICON Showplace. The VIP lounge was a place you might see Roger Ebert, and still see many of Chicago’s top critics attend a screening. This night in particular, we were there to host a Q&A for the priemere of the second season of Black the webseries by Frank T. Ziede. It was an honor to do so, and a pleasure to do so in such a fine film house.


We encourage you to cherish your old local theater. Chains like ICON can be amazing, but you cant replace those beautiful old theaters… they are a dying breed.


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