What to do with Leftovers? Ask Steve Green of #FoodieChats

Back in August CinemaJaw was fortunate to be joined on our audio podcast by guest Steve "Go" Green of social media hashtag chat phenomenon #Foodiechats. Naturally we discussed food, with a side of movies and how the whole hashtag chat thing has evolved into a social media empire for Mr. Green, 'twas a conversation that we ate up!

With Thanksgiving behind us, we loosen our belts a notch as we look forward to the rest of the Holiday Season and try to figure out what to do with all these leftovers (No doubt Steve Green has some great ideas on that). Likewise CinemaJaw is happy to reach to the back of our audio fridge and grab out a slice of meat to serve up to you as a delicious transcribed sandwich.

Here is our conversation with Steve on our Top 5 Dinner Scenes from all of Cinema. You don't even have to put it in the microwave:

Ry The Movie Guy: … take us back to the beginning when you started FoodieChats. Were you a foodie and then you got into this social media style, or were you more into social media and then you decided to concentrate on the foodie lifestyle?

Steve "go" Green: I have always been a foodie ever since I was a kid. My mum always opened me up to all cuisines. Then social media started; you share all about who you are on social media but nobody cares but when you talk about food … Everybody comments, they comment, they care so much. All right, let me try to figure this out here. Let me kind of incorporate food and chatting and then May 9th, 2011, 8:52pm Eastern Time I asked a question, I slapped on a hash tag #FoodieChats, I asked a bunch of questions all night long and bam, here we are 119 episodes later, FoodieChats talking about food.

Ry: For our top five favorite dinner scenes, Matt, you’re getting us started this week.

Matt: All right, I’m going to come out swinging here. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels dinner with Ruprecht. When Steve Martin gives his trident to the waiter. “May I take your trident, sir?” I was like, “Why is the cork on the fork,” he’s wearing the eye patch. The best one though is, “May I go to the bathroom first?” And then he’s just, he just goes “Thank you.” One of the best, most hilarious scenes ever put on the screen. I love this movie and that is one of my favorite parts.

Ry: That is nice. I did not think of that, but I also for my number 5 went with a comedy. This one came out in 1984, stars Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, directed by Ron Howard, I’m speaking of Splash. This is where Hanks takes Madison the mermaid to dinner and at one point, I watched it today, Hanks … this is back in his comedy glory days he’s nervously hitting the table. At one point he flicks the spoon, goes shooting over to someone else’s table, already sort of funny, and they’re talking all very seriously and then finally the main course comes out and it’s lobster all in its shell. Daryl Hannah just grabs the lobster and just digs in, just starts eating …

Matt: Bites right into the shell.

Ry: Yeah, and everybody at the restaurant keeps looking and she’s just going to town over that shell and then finally Hanks says something along the lines like “She was very hungry.” I love it. Love that movie Splash too.

Matt: It’s a classic, absolute classic.

Ry: We’re off and running on our number 5 so we through it over to Steve, what have you got sitting there?

Steve: All right, number 5, I’m going for 2013, let’s just go back to this year in the comedy that was to me unbelievable, This Is the End. There is the opening scene between Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel, okay, that they’re like … he picks them up from the airport and he’s like, “Listen, I got to go for a burger, I got to go for an In ‘n Out burger,” blah, blah, blah. He’s like, “No man, I’m eating healthy right now, I’m totally gluten free, I’m on a diet, I’m on a cleanse,” blah, blah, blah and only the way Cinematic can do it is boom, cut to the next scene, they’re sitting on the couch, they’re stoned as hell and he’s eating this burger. This is so good, this is so good. I mean it was classic.

Ry: Nice pick, nice pick at number 5, we’re moving to our 4th. Matt, what you got sitting there?

Matt: At number 4 I have the dinner scene from American Beauty. Thora Birch walks in, she starts off the scene, she’s like what’s going on and she’s the wife says …Annette Bening says tell your daughter what you did today. He’s like I quit my job, blackmailed my boss for $60,000, pass the asparagus. The whole scene the way it plays out is so tense, she’s flipping her lid, she’s just absolutely going bonkers and he’s continuing to be ignored until he finally just stands up, grabs the asparagus and throws the whole plate against the wall. He at last has their attention and he says his piece and he’s like and another thing I’m tired of this Lawrence Welk shit. You got to change the music.

Ry: Again I watched this scene again today and I couldn’t believe how great Spacey and Annette Bening are in there, and then we got Thora Birch just stunned watching her parents both having a breakdown, I loved it. At number 4 I went with a tense dinner scene, smaller movie I’m not sure everybody has caught this one. It came out in 2009, starred Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal, the film is called Brothers.

Steve: Great movie.

Ry: The scene I’m speaking in here, the film is directed by Jim Sheridan, and there’s a scene in here where obviously Tobey Maguire was thought to have been dead and everybody had sort of moved on without him and Jake Gyllenhaal who was his brother, hence the name, ends up actually going on to having an affair with his wife but Tobey Maguire is not dead, he pops back out on the scene. The oldest daughter knows what’s been going on and here is this dinner scene. They’re all sitting there, Tobey Maguire is wound up like his head is ready to pop off and the oldest daughter, they’re having a birthday party starts squeezing the balloon and the noise of the balloon in her hands is like [noise] and they’re yelling at her stop it. Tobey Maguire is getting more and more tense, and then finally she yells well he did and everybody flips out. What a movie and great acting by everybody at the table, tense, tense dinner scene.

Matt: Nice.

Ry: Steve, follow it up, your number 4.

Steve: Number 4, [singing] all right number 4 for me is … By far Reservoir Dogs. Quentin Tarantino all right, 1992. The tipping scene. I mean this is such a … I mean the man is such an incredible writer, just an incredible dialogue writer between all of them and what a great cast to have right there with Tim Roth and Harvey Keitel and QT and Madsen and everybody. Just the whole scene about them, I mean the gangsters, the mobsters sitting around there talking about tipping and he just doesn’t want to tip and then at the end of the scene he says listen I paid for your meal man, come on.

Ry: He coughs it up.

Steve: He coughs it up but it’s … I know True Romance was the first Quentin Tarantino movie but this is the one that’s just launched it. Love that scene.

Ry: As do I, absolutely classic Tarantino, great pick, great pick. Into our 3’s, Matt, what you got sitting there?

Matt: At number 3, actually wait. I want to say though what’s funny about Tarantino. I just saw The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and he’s in that for a brief moment and he talks about why he’s always writing diner scenes in his movies, because obviously he tried to get Denny’s to pay for product placement, they’re always like no, no thanks. That’s … it’s interesting because he always spends a lot of time in diners. I guess we all do, you write what you know, Ry, you write what you know. All right, at number 3, the rest of mine are just going to be disgusting okay? I have The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Steve: All right, good one.

Matt: You remember this scene of course where they’re all sitting at the table and Frank throws off the tablecloth and underneath is Meat Loaf’s body. I’m not taking about meat loaf, I’m talking about the singer Meat Loaf. They were all actually eating Meat Loaf and again I’m not talking about meat loaf I’m talking about Meat Loaf. It’s freaking awesome, it’s probably the most shocking moment in the whole film. At that point, not that you haven’t felt this way the whole time, but at that point you’re really like what the hell am I watching? Awesome, I will never forget it, never forget it.

Ry: Nice pick at number 3. I keep it light at my number 3. Boy do I love me some Marty McFly. 1985, Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson in Back to the Future. 1955, he’s woken up because the dad hit him with the car and first you get the dad setting up the TV by the dinner table and he’s like, by the dinner table and he says now we can watch Jackie Gleason while we eat dinner. The little kid says do you have a TV? He’s like of course we have two, wow, you must be rich then of course he recognizes the Honeymooners episode he’s like this is a classic. They’re like what do you mean it’s classic, it’s brand new. All the way to the point where he asks for directions and he says that right over by John F. Kennedy Drive and they’re like who the hell is John F. Kennedy? Love that entire scene, love it, love it, love it. Back to the Future my number 3. Steve, what have you got?

Steve: All right my number 3 is to me a classic comedy with a classic combination of actors. It’s 2005, director David Dobkin, Wedding Crashers. There are two scenes in the movie. There’s the PG-13 scene and there’s the non-PG-13 scene. All right, for all of you out there right now that know the non-PG-13 scene it’s pretty freaking classic.

Matt: There’s something going on under the table.

Steve: Something going on under the table but I’m going to go to the other one, I’m going to go to the other one that he walks on to breakfast Owen Wilson is sitting and Vince Vaughn just got violated all night long, he got violated and he is going home. Wilson he just convinces him to not go home so he sits there and he just builds up that breakfast plate, give me some syrup baby, give me some syrup, and it ends up with a priest and half a bottle of Jameson, he rats him out and blah, blah, but that’s a classic movie with two classic kind of dinner scenes in the movie.

Matt: It holds up well, yeah.

Ry: Plus it has Bradley Cooper in there which you didn’t recognize Bradley Cooper as the Bradley Cooper as we know now but he plays that rich boyfriend perfectly. Love it, nice pick, nice pick. We’re in to our 2’s, what you got Matt?

Matt: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Ry: Sweet pick.

Steve: Classic movie.

Matt: This dinner scene haunts me to this day, big surprise. I think it’s that guy, that big fat guy who every disgusting item that they bring out, he seems really excited for. Chilled monkey brains, like it’s the best thing ever, eyeball soup. Oh my god, it’s disgusting.

Ry: Of course Kate Capshaw is just going nuts on all these.

Matt: Yeah, she’s passing out and stuff. I love that scene, I love that movie and it’s definitely an indelible picture in my mind when the snakes crawl across the table.

Ry: Definitely, we brought this topic up of doing it, it was actually the first movie I thought of. I think dinner scenes I think Indiana Jones Temple of Doom. Great pick, great pick. At number 2, should be noted I did have American Beauty that was my number 2 pick. I’m going to sub one in, I’m going to sub one in here and I thought it would be nice to mention a classic Disney film with maybe the most classic image of all Disney films of all time.

Matt: Yeah, I know where you’re going.

Ry: I am speaking of, you want to talk about a dinner scene, 1955 Lady and the Tramp.

Matt: Nice, love that.

Ry: They go over to Tony’s Restaurant, the music is playing, they have that nice romantic bowl of spaghetti. Again I watched the scene again today and of course they end up getting on the same spaghetti noodle kissing, just such a softie moment. You know what I mean?

Matt: It is, and it’s like you said, one of the most famous images from all of cinema.

Ry: Yes.

Matt: Absolutely.

Ry: I’ll fill in Lady and the Tramp at my number 2.

Matt: Very romantic.

Ry: Thank you, thank you. Steve, what have you got sitting there?

Steve: All right, number 2. I’ve completely gone with Quentin Tarantino I think for all five of my picks, because the man just writes dialogue as good as anybody but number 2 is back to Pulp Fiction, back to the famous scene, the $5 milkshake. I love that, I mean if somebody quickly asks me what is your top 20 movies of all time, I quickly without thinking, Pulp Fiction. It just changed my life. I mean this movie is 1994. There’s so many scenes from Samuel L. Jackson about let me try that tasty burger and wash it down with a drink and he slurps in the end with a penetrating eye, that would be number 6 for me, but that scene with Uma Thurman and Travolta at the old school diner and let me try that … Jack Rabbit Slim and then they dance but that’s a whole other bring Travolta back to the dancing scene, but just a $5 shake, let me use your straw you got cooties, don’t worry about it, I got cooties. I’m not worrying about you it’s me, it’s you, boom he tries it. That’s a pretty goddamn good shake. He uses the F word, but …

Matt: I think that is the iconic scene of the movie.

Ry: Yeah and in fact I was watching, I purchased this on Blu-ray and it’s got some documentaries the supplements, looking back at the making of and I’m now sort of reflecting on it. There’s this nice piece that John Travolta remembering he went to the premiere and he watched it and his wife was next to him and as the scene was just playing out, she started crying and said honey you’ve never done anything better than this. This one scene just in the dinner and it was, it was perfect Travolta, it was just … everything was awesome.

Steve: They were so relaxed during this scene, it wasn’t like super energy during this scene. They were sitting there, they were calm, their facial expressions … I mean it’s one of the best scenes ever.

Ry: It is, great pick, great pick.

Matt: I agree.

Ry: We are into our 1’s, Matt what you got sitting there?

Matt: No, we’re at 2, aren’t we?

Ry: No, no.

Matt: You’re right, number one. It just flew by, Ry. At number 1, again I prepped this by saying my next three are disgusting but another unforgettable dinner scene and I can’t this whole Jaw without talking about horror. The dinner scene from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is probably the most frightening pieces of film ever put up there. Tobe Hooper’s inaugural film, his first movie ever and he just knocked it out of the park. I really don’t think he ever was able to completely follow up this movie.
She’s just screaming the whole time, close up is on her eye, they give Grandpa the hammer and he’s slowly just trying to bludgeon her and he keeps dropping it. It’s horrifying. I mean seriously one of the most shocking things, and it holds up even with today’s horror movies like Eli Roth and the torture porn movies we see. You watched that scene which I did today on YouTube and it still holds up, it’s just as terrifying now as it was when it first came out. An awesome scene.

Ry: Nice pick and probably one of the scariest movies of all time.

Matt: Yeah, well it’s definitely one of the best horror movies of all time.

Ry: Good to hear, good to hear, and at number 1 I go with a movie that Matt gives me a tough time about all the time and I don’t even bring it up all that much. Any guesses?

Matt: No, it could be a million things.

Steve: Yeah.

Ry: 1997 Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet in Titanic.

Matt: Jesus Christ. Are you serious?

Ry: Absolutely, number 1.

Matt: For number 1 Ry?

Ry: I do, I was going to …

Matt: If we were talking about the best boat-sinking scenes I might give it to you.

Steve: In there with the witty dialogue right?

Ry: Here’s the great thing, in the entire movie as great as the special effects were and the boat sinking the best scene in the entire film is when he has to go down and have his dinner with the first class folks.

Steve: I agree actually, I do.

Ry: Okay, and he goes down there and it is so classic.

Matt: No pun intended, don’t sink to his level.

Steve: All right, I agree that the movie without Leonardo DiCaprio, okay, he made the movie.

Ry: He gets up in his tux, all of a sudden it’s like, whoa, this is Leonardo DiCaprio, now all of a sudden we realize why Kate Winslet is going to fall for the guy, right? He comes down and I love the old Kate Winslet’s character Gloria Stuart is sort of narrating in the beginning she says he must have been nervous as hell. You can only imagine there’s all these rich people around and all the dialogue that goes around.

Steve: Kathy Bates rocked it out of the scene.

Ry: He doesn’t know what silverware to eat, they’ve already put the caviar on his plate.

Steve: I like it, yeah.

Ry: Then he’s like, he said at one point, how do you take your caviar, it’s already on his plate, he’s like never did like it much.

Matt: If you’re going to pick a rags to riches dinner I mean you could have gone with Pretty Woman where she has to …

Ry: Hey that’s another great one but it ends with him … with a cheers and that’s when you really start to root for Winslet and DiCaprio to be together. In the movie it makes the entire film right there.

Matt: Yeah if you’re a 13-year-old girl, I’d agree with you completely.

Ry: That was my number 1, Titanic scene.

Matt: Steve.

Ry: We left the last number 1 for you.

Steve: All right, I appreciate it and I want to thank you guys for having me on the show tonight, this has been a lot of fun …

Ry: Maybe he thinks we’re going to kick him off the show after his number 1.

Steve: This is my, I have 1A and 1B okay? My 1B is National Lampoon’s Vacation, 1983, Harold Ramis, Beverly D’Angelo, Christie Brinkley where Chevy Chase is just making love to the sandwich while Christie Brinkley is making love to the Pellegrino bottle and he is doing his stupid dance and all of a sudden the wife screams out the dog peed in the picnic basket and he spits it out. I mean that is …

Ry: I forgot how good that is.

Steve: I mean are you kidding me, the music, Christie Brinkley, the hottest woman in the world in 1983 and he opens up his sandwich, he’s making love to this sandwich and then Rusty’s like, this is weird. Anyway but my number 1, my number 1 …

Ry: I think he’s keeping it with the National Lampoon’s.

Steve: All right, my number 1 is also Harold Ramis, director Harold Ramis, 1993, which is when Michael Jordan and Bulls won their 3rd championship in a row, by the way.

Ry & Matt: Bulls.

Steve: Bulls baby, which is Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Groundhog Day.

Ry: Nice one.

Matt: I already hinted that.

Steve: Which is by far one of my most favorite comedy movies of all time.

Matt: It’s a masterpiece.

Steve: I’ve seen it over and over and over again and the theme of the movie is about over and over and over again. He just relieves his life over and that scene where she’s talking about cholesterol and he’s smoking and he’s delirious because he keeps seeing the waitress and he stuffs the cake in his mouth and the pancakes and when they pan out of the table with like a million things, I’m exaggerating but 50 things on the table, and he just doesn’t care anymore. He’s so delirious that I’m going to eat it all. I mean that’s it, it wasn’t dinner, I think it was lunch but for him it was probably breakfast, lunch, dinner whatever it is, but Groundhog Day love it.

Ry: Great, great pick. Way to take us out on Groundhog Day.

Matt: Absolutely, I like it.

Ry: A couple of honorable, also a Bill Murray classic film What About Bob? This is when Dreyfuss is about to just absolutely crack with Bill Murray. I love it, Dreyfuss is getting so upset that at one point Bill Murray goes, I see some salted pepper but do you have a salt substitute? Dreyfuss almost loses it, I love that scene.

Steve: Underrated movie by the way.

Ry: Yes, how about Edward Scissorhands when he goes for his first meal and he can’t eat anything with those scissor hands. Meet the Parents.

Matt: Oh yeah, I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?

Ry: Yes, and also he sees the vase, it’s actually an urn but he calls it a vase and he’s making fun of fit. He’s like you got one of your cameras in that vase? They’re like that’s actually his mom’s urn and eventually he goes on to nail it with a champagne cork.

Steve: On a serious note, the scene between … finally the epic scene in the movie Heat with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro when he buys him a cup of coffee, they’re chatting.

Ry: That’s a good one.

Steve: That’s kind of, two legends on the same scene together.

Matt: Heavy hitters.

Ry: I hate to bring it down, but The Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy …

Steve: Totally great scene, come on. Totally great.

Ry: Where he played all these characters, Hercules, Hercules.

Steve: Yeah, classic scene.

Ry: Matt you got a couple of honorables before we go with …

Matt: There’s a couple huge ones you missed there Ry. Beetlejuice, the banana boat scene I mean the first time you saw that that was amazing, mind-blowing scene, you’re like this is an amazing movie I’m watching. Then we bring this movie up a lot the Jaw but the Chinese dinner in A Christmas Story the movie is fantastic, and that ending is amazing.

Ry: Wonderful and I mentioned it on the FoodieChat today, one of my favorite scenes is the last meal in Ratatouille when, if you’ve seen it, it’s sort of a comedy, a little animated film but it gets very serious at the end when he serves the ratatouille. Hit me right in the heart, I love that one as well.

Steve: Also Swingers, old school Swingers, that scene with Vince Vaughn and Favreau where he thinks the woman is totally chatting and loving him but he’s talking to a baby.

Ry: That’s a great one too. That’s when he stands up on the booth too and he’s like … love it. Great picks. Hey JawHeads we’re going to take a break. If we missed one of your favorite dinner scenes shoot us a tweet @CinemaJaw we’ll retweet it and get the discussion going.


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