Some Advice for Ben Affleck on Playing Batman


I know what you are thinking. Who the hell am I to give advice to Oscar Winning Director Ben Affleck? Truth is, someone who never thought I'd write that previous sentence, that's who. Oscar Winning Director Ben Affleck? I'd never have bet on that. Yet here we are.

Ben You've come so far to reclaim your spot on the podium at the Oscars, and this fan believes that you deserve it. With Gone Baby Gone, The Town and then Argo, you have proven yourself to be a director with real talent. This Batman role seems like a backslide. As a huge superhero fan, I hesitate to say that it is "beneath" you at this point of your career, but it certainly isn't needed in your dues paying envelope. That account is fully paid.

Plus, you have the amazing performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker to live up to. The most common defense of all your supporters is valid, that being: We all thought Ledger was a poor choice for Joker, and just look at how well he did. I agree, only now Ben, You have to surpass that performance as well to quell this rebellion.

I hate to harp on this topic, as it has become old news (for now), but my advice to Big Ben is thus: Back out. Feign an injury if you have to, but brother you better come to your senses and drop this hot potato before it burns your career.

I hope I am wrong.

If you choose to ignore that advice, then my alternative advice to you Mr. Affleck is this: ACT YOUR ASS OFF! This is going to be the role of your life, and it is a superhero sequel and you aren't even top billed. Precarious at best. You have got to steal every scene you are in and OWN the crap out of this film. I seriously hope you have some creative control here, your're going to need it.

Good Luck Ben!

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