Riddick Tops Box Office... So What's On Netflix?

The time between Labor Day through October 1st is a cinematic desert. Finished are the blockbuster bangs, and the explosions of the Summer super-fare are barely a ring in our ears. Unless you count second runs, or catching up on one you missed, there is just NOTHING good at the theater.  Illustrating my point, Vin Diesel's latest entry into the story of Riddick (creatively titled Riddick) was number one at the box office this past weekend. Now don't get me wrong. I love a nice mindless sci-fi romp as much as the next guy and, truth be told, I had some fun with campy genre piece Riddick. However, such a film would not be on top in a more competitive time of the year.

What's more, once you have shelled out the $15 bucks and popcorned yourself through Riddick, what else is there? Truly the choices are pretty thin. That, combined with god awful heat and my air conditioned couch calling me are plenty enough reasons to just stay home and stream a few!

Here are some great picks from popular streaming platforms. Feel free to crank up the AC tonight and get that subscription fee to pay for itself!


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