10 People Who Make A Better Batman Than Ben Affleck

Just a few hours ago, Warner Brothers Studios announced that Oscar Winner Ben Affleck would play the coveted role of Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, and the Twitter-verse lit up like it was trying to get Betty White on Breaking Bad.

To say it was a backlash would be an understatement. Thousands upon thousands of mostly negative tweets poured in using the hashtag #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck, making it a globally trending topic on the popular platform within hours of the news.

It's difficult to predict what a big studio like Warner Brothers will do in the face of a social media debacle such as this. Most likely they will trump it up to "any publicity is good publicity" and move forward with the casting decision. Regardless, Twitter has spoken and it wants a different actor in the role. It does feel like a strange choice for the actor/director and the studio. We wish Ben all the best, but just in case Warner Brothers is looking for some other candidates to don the cape and cowl, here are our Top Ten choices for a Better Batman Than Ben Affleck


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