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Should Hollywood be re-releasing classic films like Jurassic Park with the 3D treatment?

Ry The Movie Guy's perspective - The Film Critic:
I am not opposed to re-releasing large landmark films in 3D.

Jurassic Park turns 20 this year. When it came out in 1993 it was "bigger" visually than anything we had seen before. If I had to list five older films I would want to see given the 3D treatment, Jurassic Park would be at the top of that list. Plus there is a young generation out there that did not have the chance to see the tyrannosaurus chase the Ford Explorer on the big screen.

I would much rather spend money to see a classic film like Jurassic Park in 3D than waste it on the latest Nic Cage debacle. When they re-release Bangkok Dangerous in 3D, then we are in trouble.

Eliaz Rodriguez's Perspective - The Filmmaker:
Be forewarned JawHeads, the more you support gimmicks like this, the more you'll be stuck with them.

Hollywood is like your desperate ex-boyfriend, they read all your statuses and see where you're checking in; they're looking for a fresh way to connect with you to make things like they used to be. They see you're going to hip weekend midnight screenings of The Warriors, Back to the Future, and The Room. They too can play the nostalgia game and one-up those indie theaters by offering 3D.

Pretty soon the big theater chains will exclusively show 3D re-releases. Once they run out of re-releases they'll start showing screenings of audiences watching screenings, a la Spaceballs “when will then be now?”

Don't feed into it. Get nostalgic at home and support new films in the theater.

Matt Kubinski's Perspective - The Movie Fan:

From the perspective of the general Movie Fan, of course I am excited to see classic movies back on the silver screen for another run. However, I am not sold on the advent of 3D into the mix.

There is something magical that happens when the lights go down in the theater that is more than the sum of its parts. Sure the sound, picture, and story are paramount to the experience, but it is the feeling of togetherness and gathering that make going to the theater a singular experience. Those of us lucky enough to catch Jurassic Park in its first run at the theaters will never forget the feel of the bass in our chest as the mighty T-Rex made his impressive debut, and I am excited to take my son to the film to experience that for the first time himself. As a smart consumer though, who looks for good deals, I can smell an up-charge a mile away and I’m just not convinced that 3d is a justifiable addition. 3D is cool enough I guess, and I WILL be going to see Jurassic Park and any other classic films that get the second run treatment (Ghostbusters PLEASE!), but 3D is not the selling point for me at all. Just seems like an add-on money grab.

Do I hope to see more films get another run on the silver screen? Yes, but hold the 3D. It’s an overdone gimmick and almost cheapens the experience.


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Look Ma... 3D! But is it worth the extra price?


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