Best Movie Theater Scenes from Movies

Reviewed This Episode: The Intern I for and I: The Martian Trivia: Ridley Scott Movie Trivia CinemaWAR: Dinner before the movie or after? If you listen to CinemaJaw, even if this is your first time listening, then you like the movies. A big part of why we like the movies is going out to the... Read more »

Peaches and Hot Sauce Over Our 250th Episode

Reviewed This Episode: Black Mass I for and I: The Intern CinemaWAR: Is Johnny Depp done with the silly roles? Trivia: Anne Hathaway/Jake Gyllenhaal Movie Trivia Several weeks ago we hit episode 250! Our good friend Pat O’Rourke from Peaches on Hot Sauce was on hand to talk to us. 250! It is a momentous occasion... Read more »

Geeks, Hackers, and Beer

This episode is dedicated to Shawn King owner of Evil Squirrel Comics, and a good friend. Reviewed This Episode: Mistress America Trivia: Johnny Depp Movie Trivia We’ll do it LIVE! A few weeks ago, CinemaJaw took a trip over to our friends at Geekbar here in Chicago, to celebrate Angelina Jolie’s screen debut and the 20th anniversary... Read more »

Chicago’s Best Movie Theater Just Got Better

I got to watch the new James Bond in style last night.
Everyone loves going to the movies. When you go to the theater you might as well go in style. The Showplace Icon located in the South Loop neighborhood has long been the best venue in the city to see your favorite movies sparkle to life on the big screen and it just got even better.... Read more »

Fall Movie Preview - with guest Donny Rodriguez

Reviewed This Episode: Straight Outta Compton I for and I: Time Out of Mind CinemaWAR: Is Richard Gere a legendary actor? Trivia: Fall Movie Trivia Fall Movies. This is when the heavy hitters start to drop. Oscar bait. Ry the Movie Guy awaits with pursed lips… Matt K. is waiting for next summer. This week on... Read more »

Darren Dean and Tangerine

Reviewed This Episode: What We Do in the Shadows, Tangerine I for and I: Before We Go CinemaWAR: Did Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon wait too long for it’s sequel? Trivia: Fruit Movie Trivia Diners are a great setting in film, because (as Matt K. would posit) they force the characters to be juxtaposed in a perfect place... Read more »

Peabody Award Winning Documentarian Maria Finitzo Talks Movie Coaches

Reviewed This Episode: In The Game, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Gift I for and I: No Escape CinemaWAR: Which is the better movie stoner duo – Harold & Kumar or Cheech & Chong? Trivia: Owen Wilson Movie Trivia As Ringo once cleverly pointed out, we all need a little help from our friends. The teamwork and friendship... Read more »

The Greatest Screenplays of the Past 25 Years with Franklin Leonard

Reviewed This Episode: The Wolfpack I for and I: Straight Outta Compton CinemaWAR: Is there hope for the Fantastic Four franchise or is it dead in the water? Trivia: Charlize Theron Movie Trivia A movie is like a tree, go with me here. Many constituent parts make up the tree, the trunk is the photography, the bark... Read more »

Movies You Should Know But Don't - with guest Chuck Bryant of Stuff You Should Know

Reviewed This Episode: Pixels, End of the Tour, Irrational Man I for and I: Fantastic Four CinemaWAR: Since 1996 which is the better spy series: Mission Impossible or Bond? Trivia: Vacation Movie Series Trivia There are movies that you know, and movies that you don’t know, then there are movies that youshould know but don’t.  These could be... Read more »

Is The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Worth A Visit?

  Guy Richie brings the popular 1960s television show about the cold war to the big screen in style. The British director has been accused of putting style above substance in some of his past films.  In The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I think he got it just right. Henry Cavill puts away his red Superman cape... Read more »