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See The Sites: College Candy

  Laura Kujava, Sophomore at Loyola University of Chicago. While clicking through Cosmo online magazine, I can’t help but realize that I may not be the targeted audience. With headlines such as “5 signs he thinks you’re the one” and “I’m always the one before the one” I ask myself if being “the one” is... Read more »

The White Board Project

The White Board Project
  Katie Paul DePaul University, Sophomore “What do you love the most about yourself?” This Valentine’s Day, twenty DePaul students were challenged to answer this question, write it down on a white board, and share it by striking a pose in front of a camera.    These acts of self-love are a part of the... Read more »

PDA, and Apologies

I knew I'd never forget you, so I let you blow my mind.
I have been the worst at posting recently, and again, my excuses remain flimsy. Trips to Prague and Venice, parties with friends, not to mention finals and presentations worth hefty chunks of my grade. But now I am swimming in time, partly because I have already completed my presentations for this professor, but mostly because... Read more »