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NATO For The Foreign Policy Novice

NATO For The Foreign Policy Novice
(Photo: Flickr/isafmedia) It is going to screw up your commute, interfere with weekend plans in the Loop and be covered 24-hours a day by the media. It will also potentially determine the future course of foreign policy for 28 countries. NATO is landing in Chicago this weekend, officially running from Sunday, May 20- Monday, May... Read more »

Summer Festivals Are Here!!

  I have been cooped up all winter long and cannot wait to get out and enjoy summer. School is out (or almost for some) and it is time to enjoy everything that Chicago has to offer this summer. There is never a dull moment in the city during the summertime. Summer is finally here... Read more »

Eats Around The Town

As the weather gets warmer, I feel compelled to take more time to relax. There is something about the sunshine and warm weather that allows me to not stress about school and everything else that I have to do and allows me to just sit. Lately, what I have found myself doing is waking up... Read more »