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Food Inspiration From Summer

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It may be descending into the cold of winter here in Chicago, but don’t let the frost get in the way of your tastebuds. ChiU writer/videographer Adilla Menayang made a video of his summer food explorations around the Windy City, and we decided to post it now to give all you Chicago students a little... Read more »

Chicago Coffee Shop Guide for College Students, Pt. 1

Chicago Coffee Shop Guide for College Students, Pt. 1
If you look carefully, Chicago is abundant with many hidden, one-of-a-kind coffee shops. One day I found a "Not for Tourists’ Guide to Chicago 2009" for 1 USD at a resale shop in Andersonville called the Brown Elephant (which is amazing!) Keen on grabbing a nice cup of ice coffee in a comfortable place, my summer roommates and I consulted the book to see what options there are. To our dismay, the index and coffee shop guide was basically a list of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. But when we looked more thoroughly, we found some great places that are worth a visit! We spent the summer trying out several cafes. Here’s the first part of a four part list we compiled, it might come in handy once it gets cold and you want to find a new ambiance to study in: ...