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Weekly News Crunch, Wk. 7

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The Weekly News Crunch is a video published weekly by ChiU Contributor, Michelle Kingston, who brings forth one international story, one national, one Chicago story, one college story, and one story she found personally interesting within the week. Like what you see? Then follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

PDA, and Apologies

I knew I'd never forget you, so I let you blow my mind.
I have been the worst at posting recently, and again, my excuses remain flimsy. Trips to Prague and Venice, parties with friends, not to mention finals and presentations worth hefty chunks of my grade. But now I am swimming in time, partly because I have already completed my presentations for this professor, but mostly because... Read more »

Stranger in a Familiar Land

Hey guys! I’ve been meaning to post an update for a while now, but I’ve been swamped with schoolwork/Rome. Onwards and upwards! So I’ve been here for about 2 weeks now, and I’m starting to feel at home enough to go out on my own to explore. This has resulted in successful trips to both... Read more »

It's A Beautiful Day

Hey friends! I’m much more alert and much more on Rome time. So I will count this as my first official Roma post. We don’t have to talk about the one before. So! I’ve now officially been here for two entire days, entering into my third (it’s about 10am here in case you were wondering.... Read more »

Sono Studentessa

Ciao ragazzi (Hey guys) So I am absolutely the sleepiest person right now, despite my 10 hours of sleep last night, and I’m not sure how clever/coherent this post is going to be but I gotta try. So I am in Rome! Well, right now I’m in Monteverde, where my apartment is, which is across... Read more »