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KONY 2012: The Video, The Background, The Critics

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I have posted about Kony 2012 twice before: once pointing out the posters that have adorned my Loyola University campus since last fall, and once as a news story people should consider following this year. On March 5, the culmination of guerrilla advertising efforts went viral with the 30 minute feature film on the Kony... Read more »

Weekly News Crunch, Wk. 3

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The Weekly News Crunch is a video published weekly by ChiU Contributor, Michelle Kingston, who brings forth one international story, one national story, one Chicago story, one college story, and one story she found personally interesting within the week. Like what you see? Then follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  

Social Media and Mobilization: What I've Learned About Social Good in the Digital Space

Hey all. Thank god it’s Friday right? This week has been busy to say the least. Please spare me five minutes of your time and read about two days and experiences that have changed the way I am currently looking at social media. I promise it’s worth the energy. On Wednesday, I assisted in the... Read more »