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Kony 2012: Teaser Video And Poster Sightings

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Earlier this school year I noticed the Kony 2012:The Hague red and black posters hanging all around Loyola’s campus.  At first I thought it was a covert advertising campaign, a band capitalizing on the fear in Joseph Kony’s name and the inevitable trial for his atrocities.  However, when I  looked into it I found nothing... Read more »

Loyola Center for Digital Ethics Posts Blogger Guidelines

Loyola Center for Digital Ethics Posts Blogger Guidelines
(Source:!/photo.php?fbid=157541694258449&set=a.157541427591809.31864.157541290925156) As the line between journalism and blogging blurs into an unrecognizable gray area, one authority in digital ethics has decided to step up and propose a set of universal blogger guidelines. On September 22, the Center for Digital Ethic and Policy at Loyola University Chicago posted “Best Practices for Bloggers: Dimensions for Consideration”... Read more »

What's a Girl Got to Do to Get Your Attention?

It’s 2:50 AM and I am blaring youtube videos in my high-rise apartment. To all of my neighbors: you’re welcome. While I’m not actually blasting my music, the point is that everything I will be posting will be written in the middle of the night because I work non-stop and I love it. So expect... Read more »