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Best of ChiU 2012

Best of ChiU 2012
In 12 hours, 2012 will be pre-teen history, and we’ll be ringing in 2013. This year certainly was memorable. From a viral “Kony” video to the election and everything in between, 2012 was a roller coaster we won’t forget soon. Here are the best ChiU posts in 2012. But the blog doesn’t end here. Tell... Read more »

5 Ways To Survive The 5th of July

5 Ways To Survive The 5th of July
If July 4th is America’s favorite day of the year, July 5th is likely its least favorite. As the country returns to work/school/real life after a day of beer, BBQs, fireworks and other patriotic things, a collective groan of regret and hungover headaches is sweeping from sea to shining sea. Likely, you also have the... Read more »

How The River Is Dyed Green

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Like the rest of Chicago, I ventured downtown on St. Patrick’s Day to marvel at the Chicago River dyed a vibrant shade of green in honor of the Irish (ChIrish?) holiday.  Though the Chicago River is normally a sewage-green color anyway, something about that shamrock-green hue seems less “I’m polluted” and more “I’m festive”! Not... Read more »

Weekly News Crunch, Wk. 9

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The Weekly News Crunch is a video published weekly by ChiU Contributor, Michelle Kingston, who brings forth one international story, one national, one Chicago story, one college story, and one story she found personally interesting within the week. Like what you see? Then follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

LAST MINUTE Halloween Costumes

CANDY CORN: What is more delicious than colored sugar and wax shaped to kinda look like corn kernels?  Answer: nothing.  Take a cue from one of Halloween’s most revered snacks and dress up as candy corn.  All it takes is an white top, orange middle and yellow bottom.  Bring an actual bag of candy corn for bonus points. (Photo credit: Muffet/Flickr)
Halloween is in one week. Wait, what? Yes, while you had your head buried in books studying for midterms, celebrating welcome week and homecoming and adjusting back into college life, September and October sped by and left you only five days from the most widely celebrated college holiday with absolutely no idea what your costume... Read more »

'Ears' to the New Year

So one of my friends is a DJ, and the other day he sent out a message asking for song requests to bring in the New Year. This got me thinking, “what songs reflect the year in the life of a college student living in Chicago?” Well, with hours of self reflection spent listening to my... Read more »

How to (Not) Use Social Media on NYE

It’s that time again. You know what I am talking about. Bar crawls.Penny CTA rides.Fighting for cabs.People falling and stumbling all over the streets.Champagne & lots of it.Kissing your lover at midnight.Kissing strangers at midnight… New Year’s Eve is right around the corner people and before the fun begins, we needto discuss some social media... Read more »

Campus Question: What do you hope to do over winter break?

Campus Question: What do you hope to do over winter break?
Attention students: there is life after Finals Week.  Believe it or not, you will make it through this stressful, studious and sleepless week and emerge into the blessed time that follows: winter break. Winter break is one of the best aspects of college for several reasons.  First of all, it is a much needed period... Read more »

Christmas in Chicago

Ca ching, ca ching! Ca ching, ca ching!It’s Christmas time in the city… As college students we know living in the city can be a bit costly, especially around the holidays, but don’t let money put a damper on your holiday cheer. Here are some free things to do around Chicago! 1) Enjoy unique and... Read more »

The Letter of the Week is F

Finals It’s that beautiful time again. DePaul Fall Quarter Finals Week 2010. And all of the printers on campus are “temporarily out of service”. Perfect. In my opinion, finals week is an all-or-nothing event. It’s a chance to make excuses for everything else in your life. For example, how do I justify eating three pints... Read more »