10 things to do instead of talking about the cold weather

10 things to do instead of talking about the cold weather
Chiberia life. Credit: Flickr/Luiz Eduardo (www.flickr.com/photos/leduardo)

It's cold. Anyone who has glanced at their thermometer, smart phone, or (god forbid) stepped outside in the last twelve hours is well aware of the "polar vortex" that has whipped its way down from the glaciers at the top of the earth to our winter-weary lower 48.

So instead of restating the obvious on social media or to your shivering friends and neighbors, why not find other ways to be inspired by temperatures colder than certain parts of Mars?

1. Make up fun new words that weave together Chicago people and terms with the frigid temperatures. Example:


2. Think of clever cold-weather pick up lines like “I didn't think I was a snowman, but you just made my heart melt” (I can’t claim credit for that gem).

3. Give a nod of appreciation to police and whatever the title is for the people who load luggage onto airplanes for braving freezing temperatures in order to prevent anarchy and lost luggage.

4. Do cold weather experiments, like throwing a mug of boiling water in the air and watching it evaporate (check out more here).

5. Go ice skating at an indoor rink (the fun of winter without the polar vortex) or protest winter entirely by heading to the Lincoln Park or Garfield Park Conservatory (if you close your eyes and inhale deeply you’ll remember what “green” smells like)

6. Look up vacations to destinations within five miles of the equator OR in places where treehouses are an acceptable means of shelter (look up “treehouses” on AirBnB—actually more accessible than you may think)

7. Look up free things to do for when the temperature rises to above 10 degrees.

8. Free up room in your freezer by utilizing your backyard, or a nearby snowbank.

9. Challenge yourself to find a colder place on earth (options: the South/North Pole, Alaska, Siberia). Tweet the screenshot to @ChicagoU if you find one!

10. Stay home and sleep (likely your best option).

Stay warm Chiberia.


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