Megabus Vacation

Megabus Vacation

To most college students, the ideal college vacation consists of sipping Pina Coladas on a white-sand beach followed by private surf lessons taught by a local bronzed god. Unfortunately, an A-list vacation comes with a price tag that no college student can afford, especially with a measly minimum wage job or even worse... an unpaid internship.

The backup vacay in which most students opt is the ever popular “stay-cation,” a way to capitalize on the cool things happening locally by acting like a tourist in your own city. Personally, the fish-smelling Lake Michigan and the tourist trap Navy Pier have lost their appeal after what I consider a three year long “stay-cation.”

The Megabus, a double-decker with built in wifi, is the key to getting a cheap and interesting trip. Leaving from Union Station in downtown Chicago, the Megabus goes to the cities shown on the map:

Here are 5 out of the 23 destinations and approximate cost round-trip and time travel for each:

Nashville Tennessee
COST : $50 RT
TIME: 9 hours
- See President Andrew Jackson’s home
- Visit the RCA Studio B which is part of the Country Music Hall of Fame
- Be fancy: eat at Capitol Grille.

Columbus Ohio
COST: about $100 RT
TIME: 7 hours
Be artsy and eat at the Short North Arts District (especially the first Saturday of the month where art galleries are open until 9)
- See a show at the renowned Shadowbox Live
- Play at the Ohio State Fairgrounds

Ann Arbor Michigan
About $80
About 4 ½ hours RT

- Party with people from the University of Michigan
- Get your shop on in Kerrytown
- see a dinosaur at the Museum of National History

Louisville Kentucky
About $60 RT
7 hours
- Race to the Kentucky Derby Museum
- Pack a pic-nick and go to Cherokee Park
- Eat a hardy meal at the best eatery Jack’s Fry

Minneapolis Minnesota
About $60 RT
8 hours
- Baseball game at newly renovated Target Field
- Walk/bike/rollerblade around Lake Harriet or any other of the 10,000+ lakes
- Visit Mall of America.. the biggest mall in well..America
- Go to the Minneapolis sculpture Garden and see the “Big Spoon”

Let us know what Megabus Vacay you would go on, or any fun activities that we missed! Also tweet us @Chicago_U or Facebook us!


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