College Cuisine: Breakfast for Dinner

College Cuisine: Breakfast for Dinner

Finals are looming over-head like a rain cloud ready to explode at any minute. My planner looks like it has been shot due to the red ink bleeding all over the pages and the frustrated eraser mark holes. There is no time to sleep, let alone eat! So what is a college student to do?

Bacon. Lots of it. Breakfast for Dinner is the college student's go-to-meal for a number of reasons: It's cheap, quick, and most college students already have all of the ingredients in his/her fridge.

So what do you need?

  • Bacon. Lots of it: This is no time to be healthy people! We are in a crisis that can only be solved by copious amounts of fat and grease.
  • Pancake mix: I suggest the one where all you have to do is add water. Give your friend that has not ODed on coffee the reins on this one. A shaky pancake lacks visual appeal.
  • Eggs: Without them breakfast would be futile.
  • Peppers and Mushrooms: Add them to your eggs or eat them separately. They make the plate look extra classy.
  • OJ: Keep your vitamin C levels up so you don't get sick during the most stressful weeks of your life. Add champagne  if need be.

Enjoy a warm home-coked meal that will keep you full and focused in your time of stress! Let us know what your favorite breakfast food is @Chicago_U #collegecuisine

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