Online Campus: Six Links That Will Make You Think

Online Campus: Six Links That Will Make You Think

This week, the internet has been buzzing over college.  Check out these links and get the conversation going:

  • NPR reports that college costs are going up, according to a College Board report released on Tuesday
  • This OpEd from WaPo says that NCAA athletes should be allowed to major in "sports"
  • According to the WSJ, 90's style is already considered "vintage" and is making a comeback
  • The Chicago Sun-Times follows up on the Jersey Shore Conference at University of Chicago this weekend
  • HuffPost reports on Obama's plan to revise college loan debt policy, which will lower interest rates sooner than previously decided
  • USA Today College writes about different colleges' plans to keep the peace between rowdy Halloween revelers and local residents

Thoughts on any of the above stories? 

Think athletes should major in something else besides sports or that the 90's should stay right where they are (in our past)? 

Think there needs to be a different approach to college loan debt or an overhaul to college costs overall? 

Let us know!  Comment below.

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