Snow Punny

Snow Punny


Katie Paul
Sophomore, DePaul Univeristy

   WARNING! This article is snow punny! Side effects may include spontaneous laughter until you're warm, breathy chuckles you can see outside and the occasional frozen fingertip-to-face headshake.


    But let's be serious for a second and talk Chicago weather because this is snow joking matter. Chicago may experience in the next few hours what is being called The Great Blizzard of 2011, or what status updates and tweets from clever Chicagoans have deemed The Snowpocalypse.

   Are you ready? Weather or not we actually experience sixteen feet of snow, it's important to take necessary precautions so you don't find yourself saying, "Snow-M-G, I'm not prepared!"


   Avoid Unnecessary Trips Outside: Plan your day accordingly! If you don't have to leave, don't! (Minus the exception of going to class, but a snow day in college would be ice!)

   Stay Updated: In the event of a school/work closing, or class being canceled, make sure you are aware. The last thing you want is to commute to class only to find out no one is there. (I know I'd have a meltdown!)

  Dress Warm! Snow Man can handle prolonged exposure to extreme cold. If you go out, bundle up!

  Watch your step! Even a few days after a heavy snowfall, you still can fall. Sidewalks and streets tend to be slippery when wet and frozen, so wear sensible shoes and take your time. If you live in an apartment or commute from home, be sure to take some extra time to clear a path from your door. If you're feeling generous, you may even choose to help your neighbors out! (Gentlemen shovelry is not dead!)

   As you can tell, I put a lot of thawed into this post, but seriously, stay warm and have an ice day! Do you get my drift?

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