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Laura Kujava, Sophomore at Loyola University Of Chicago 

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With the prospect of spring looming in the air, Chicago students are taking every opportunity that they can to dig up their more fashionable clothing items. Many students walk to class in 40 degree weather wearing shorts and tank tops, proving that they are indeed Midwesterners. Although spring is sadly not here to stay, we need not revert back into the slum of uggs and school sweatshirts! Let the boring mania stop and take a look at!

What is it? is a website run for the people by the people (much like ChiU). It's a site where self- proclaimed fashionistas all over the world can put up pictures of themselves in street fashion. Here's one look of the day: 



Stockholm Stalkin by Cindy A, 25

Why it's so Great: Each post takes apart an outfit piece by piece, showing you where each item was bought. Unlike magazines such as InStyle, Lookbook bloggers are young and have around the same budget as you. This makes recreating the look much easier. is especially great because it shows looks from all over the globe allowing you to sport things you would never have thought of before! 

So stop the blah of winter and make an impression on campus! Send your looks into the ChiU facebook group or @Chicago_U

Special thanks to Annie Gudorf (CHiU writer) for showing me the site! 

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