Chicago's Dog House: Vegetarians Are Welcome Too!

Chicago's Dog House: Vegetarians Are Welcome Too!

After 2 hours of wandering off the Belmont stop of the Red Line (My mate Arthur and I had to ask people on the streets what they think is an important issue in the Chicago Mayor Race for our reporting class, but ended up browsing around Belmont Army and American Apparel instead), we started feeling a bit peckish. Our other friend Max told us about this great Hot Dog place in the area that is definately worth a try. I don't eat red meat, but I was in for a surprise.

Chicago's Dog House looks like an ordinary diner type establishment, but there is nothing ordinary about what they serve. My question to Max at first was: "Do they serve anything else other than Hot Dogs? Because I don't eat red meat." My friend Arthur responded "Yeah, you could probably ask them for like Turkey dogs are something", and then Max said "Yeah they serve all kinds of shit, even Alligator dogs." I thought he was being sarcastic, until we arrived at the place, and there it was in chalk on the blackboard: Alligator Dogs.

Alligator was their only reptile under the gourmet sausages list. They also had lamb, rabbit and buffalo. I was feeling a bit experimental that day, but not too experimental. I opted for the "French Poodle", which is a hot dog with brie and cheddar, caramalized onions, and horseraddish. They gave me the option of sticking with traditional cow meat, turkey or veggie, I chose turkey.

My mates Arthur, Chuck and Max got different types of hot dogs, all of which they enjoyed. One thing we all had in common was the side of "frips", a portmanteau of "Fries" and "Chips". They are basically chips that taste like french fries, and they were amazing. Arthur had Frips with cheese, it looked like this:

The best part is: it is very affordable! I had my decently sized gourmet hot dog and a side of frips for only US$ 5. I came in starving and walked out happy and my stomach filled to just the right level satisfaction (because I hate the overwhelmingly full feeling). So the verdict is: I love this place and it is a great place to go! I'll have to thank my friend Max for introducing me to this wonderful place.


Chicago's Dog House

816 W. Fullerton Ave.

Chicago, IL 60614



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