See the Sites: Virtual DJ

See the Sites: Virtual DJ
Virtual DJ. Digital image. Google. Web. < DJ)

By Laura Kujava, Sophomore, Loyola University

It's Friday night in Chicago and you're getting ready to go out to the bars for a night of dancing. After squeezing into your jeans and falling over your heels you impulsively grab your laptop to check Facebook and your school email.Instead, the weather pops up on your home screen! The temperature is 4 degrees without wind-chill... You ask yourself if 4 is even a real number as your stomach drops to the floor. DON"T PANIC!!!! I have a solution, and it's called VIRTUAL DJ. 

What is Virtual DJ?:
Virtual Dj is a  FREE downloadable application that allows users to turn his or her itunes into a personal "Girl Talk" song. You can take two songs at a time from your itunes and mix them together by speeding up, slowing down, distorting and many other cool options. Once you've mixed a song that you like, you can record it and save it to itunes! Who needs a DJ when you can be your own, especially when that means not walking six blocks in the cold. 
So, How do I start the Virtual party? 
It's so easy to download this free application, all you have to do is go to, choose Mac or PC and follow the downloading instructions. Once it's installed, all you have to do is start mixing! The dashboard looks like this: 

Virtual DJ. Digital image. Google. Web. < DJ)


Thank me Later: 
While you and your friends are dancing the night away to great customized music courtesy of Virtual DJ, take a minute to laugh at those friends who had to brave the cold for 80's night. At your party, the music is better, your clothes are cuter and your fingers are not blue! 
Let me know what songs you've mashed up on the ChiU facebook group or on twitter @Chicago_U

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