Scene It: Which Candidate Does Your Neighbor Support?

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Lynda Lopez

First Year, University of Chicago

In an election as contested as the upcoming mayoral one, it is interesting to witness the influence of each candidate around Chicagoland. Wanting to know more about the candidates' presence in neighborhoods across the city, I enlisted my unofficial photographer (A.K.A. my sister) to drive around Chicago and take photographs of election placards found on houses, trees, etc.

Even though this is highly unscientific, it is fascinating to see which candidates have a stronger placard presence. Surprsingly, Emmanuel who, according to the We Ask America survey has 52% of support among voters, did not have any placards in the places where my sister drove around.

These neighborhoods included Humboldt Park, Bucktown, and Lincoln Park. As you very well know, this is a very small portion of the city. If you would like to add to our slideshow of election placards, email your pictures to I will continue to add them as they come along!

Comment below with any questions/comments/concerns!

Special thanks to Marilynn Lopez and Karis Hustad for the the photographs!

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