RhinoFest is the place to be!

RhinoFest is the place to be!


By Markie Gray

3rd Year, UChicago

Hey Guys! Welcome to your guide to theatre in Chicago. If you can get around my pretentious spelling of theatre (theater is a physical place, theatre is the art. There's a difference I promise), we should get along fine. So every week I'll be telling you guys about a theatre festival or a specific company or show and giving you the quick and dirty facts, along with information on our favorite thing, STUDENT DISCOUNTS! Because I know you need that extra money for late night study snacks and pitchers of Goose Island. 


So this week, we will be learning all the magic of Rhinoceros Theater Festival, the longest running fringe theater festival in Chicago. Now in it's 22nd year, RhinoFest features theater in Chicago and national artists with no fee to participate. This year there are over 30 shows going up between January 14th and February 13th, so it's already well underway but you guys have plenty of opportunities to catch the rest of the festival!


But Markie! Where is this theatre festival? I'm so glad you asked. RhinoFest is hosted by Prop Thtr up on N. Elston, the oldest off-loop, non-equity theater in Chicago. It's slightly off the beaten path but a super wonderful place, with )what I am told is) a fantastic Irish pub nearby. 


The best part of Rhinofest? Tickets are $15 or PAY WHAT YOU CAN. Which means you can show up at the front door and say, 'You know what I'm a little short on cash, can I give you $5?' and in you go. These artists are so excited for people to see their work that money's not really the point. Take advantage of this guys. Pay What You Can is an awesome Chicago theater thing. 

What: Rhinoceros Theater Festival

When: January 14th-February 13th; times vary

Who: Chicago theatre artists!

Where: Prop Thtr; 3502 North Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60618. Take the 152 bus for closest CTA-ing.

How Much: $15 or Pay What You Can!

More Info: http://rhinofest.com/


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