Campus Question: Resolutions for the New Semester

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By Karis Hustad, Sophomore, Loyola University Chicago (photo and interview contributions also by Annie Gudorf, Adilla Menayang, Laura Kujava, Lauren Tate Snyder and Katie Paul)

The beginning of the semester/quarter can be a wonderful, yet terrible time in any college student's life.  On one hand, it means a fresh beginning: new classes, new schedule, new people-watching on your way to class (those sunglasses don't hide your eyes as well as you think) and a new chance to do everything you've been neglecting thus far in your school year.  On the other hand, it can mean a startling wake-up call from the peaceful slumber of winter break: 8 a.m. classes, crabby professors and homework (wait...what is that again?) can create a difficult readjustment back to school life.

But here at ChiU, we believe the new semester should be the first definition: a new beginning.  So we decided to ask the college students of Chicago-

What are your resolutions for the new semester/quarter?

And if the new start hasn't gone smoothly yet, maybe these responses will inspire you to give it another try.

Is being featured on the Campus Question your new semester resolution?  If you have a suggestion for a great question or want your campus to be represented in the answers, PLEASE let us know!  Tweet at us @Chicago_U, email us, or drop us a comment. 

Who knows?  Your question could get the college students of Chicago thinking next week.

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