Campus Question: What do you hope to do over winter break?

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Attention students: there is life after Finals Week.  Believe it or not, you will make it through this stressful, studious and sleepless week and emerge into the blessed time that follows: winter break.

Winter break is one of the best aspects of college for several reasons.  First of all, it is a much needed period of I-don't-have-a-single-thing-to-do after a period of I-have-too-much-to-do which gives us all a welcome rest.  Second, it is usually three to five weeks long which totally kicks the ass of those barely a week and a half breaks in high school.  And third, it encompasses two of the best holidays of the year: Christmas (as well as Kwanzaa and occasionally Hanukkah)  and New Years.  What more could we ask for?

But with great amounts of time comes great responsibility.  This week's Campus Question asks:
What do you hope to do over winter break?
Note: sleeping for five weeks straight is a totally acceptable answer.

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