The Letter of the Week is F


It's that beautiful time again. DePaul Fall Quarter Finals
Week 2010. And all of the printers on campus are "temporarily out of service".
Perfect. In my opinion, finals week is an all-or-nothing event. It's a chance
to make excuses for everything else in your life. For example, how do I justify
eating three pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream while watching the whole
first season of The Office? Finals week. Why are you up until 5 am only to wake
up at 7 am? Finals week. Why are you drinking ten 4 Lokos at 9 in the morning?
Finals week. (I kid on the last one; I think that would result in a trip to the

The point is that students should not see finals week as
this horrible, inescapable death trap that contains you in the library until
you fall asleep on your keyboard. Take the excuse of finals week and have some
fun with your life. Whatever you do, do not let finals get to you
mentally. Seriously, it will all get done and by the end of the week, there is
no more school until January! How do I personally deal with the stress of
finals while still concentrating on my internship? This is going to sound super
nerdy. I carry a Pilot G-2 05 black pen with me everywhere and every time I
think I'm going to have a stress-induced breakdown I click it multiple times
and periodically make outlandish markings on my papers and books in attempts to
make it seem like I actually getting work done. And if I cannot avoid yelling
at someone for being a complete moron (because we all know drama comes out
during finals week in some form or another), then I have my pen to point at my
target while I accuse them of being completely incompetent at life.

I'm not bitter. It's just finals week. (See? The excuse

I would also like to state that I had the Bed Intruder Song stuck in my head all throughout my feminist essay final exam. I probably scratched out the words "hide yo' kids" three times. What is the most annoy song you've had stuck in your head during a test?


Our best friends at Facebook just announced that they will
be launching a new messaging system. Basically, so many private messages are
sent back and forth through Facebook every day that it is only practical that
the platform evolves into a "modern messaging system". Zuckerberg stated that
"It's not e-mail" in the press conference this morning but Facebook is rolling
out email addresses.

Three points of interest with this new messaging system:

  •          Seamless messaging
  •          Cross-platform conversation history
  •          Social inbox

It seems to be operating more like a chat then a Gmail which is nice considering it is going to be accessible through all platforms (mobile, FB, IM, etc). Check out Mashable's updates as we learn more about the new feature.


As the holidays arrive and finals week comes to close by next week, all of my friends are going back home until January. That is probably the most depressing thing to think about in the midst of all the papers, presentations and readings that I have to do. Is it really necessary to go back to South Dakota for all of break? What is even in South Dakota that could possibly beat Chicago. Here's my plea: everyone should stay in Chicago for winter break and just go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Heck, I'm not even going back to Maryland for Thanksgiving and will only be back on the farm for five days in December.

Please stay with me?


Hopefully, the letter of the week being "F" does not translate to my final grades. That would be unfortunate. Good luck on finals DePaul students! Remember, midnight breakfast for two bucks in the student center and library access 24/7. I feel like a little kid again who cannot contain my excitement. 


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  • "The Letter of the Week is F" haha back to the good ol' days where Sesame Street told us what the theme of the week was. Very interested in seeing how the new Facebook message thing works.
    Good luck with finals week!!!

  • You don't have to turn yo'self in, we lookin for you. Not a song but once during a final I had just gone hiking (not in IL), and there was something in my hair itching, and I discovered a tic, flung it off, and nearly ran out of the room.

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