Studying with my Phone

Studying with my Phone


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By Lynda Lopez, First Year, University of Chicago

In late July, I bought my first cell phone. After countless years of enduring miscommunication with friends, I had finally been connected to the world via text, phone calls, and internet.  Right away, I began to text my friends and join in on the fun that I had been missing out on. I also had internet access on my phone, so the world of Facebook and Twitter was made available for me.

Initially, I simply saw positives to my newfound connectivity to the world. When I started college in September, I did not consider that my phone could have any type of negative effect on my schoolwork.

Two months into college, I have come to realize that I have to limit my phone usage. It sounds simple enough, but logging into my different emails and social networking sites has become almost instinctual. I find myself taking frequent 2-3 minute breaks to check my texts or emails in the course of my studying. This may seem like small intervals, but it adds up after an hour or two.

Noticing my dependency on my phone, I have started to leave it in my dorm when I go to the library. I just have to set some limits to my usage. I sometimes take it with me but turn it off once I start studying.

In addition to my phone, I also tend to take my netbook with me when I study. So far, I have not had too many problems with abusing my internet rights on my netbook. I have, however, used my netbook to my advantage when studying. Recently, I set up private blogs for each of my classes in order to help me filter through the material. Since I set up the blogs, my performance in each class has improved. Writing about the material in class allows me to truly immerse myself in the classroom studies. Since my netbook is small, I take it to each class with ease.

In this day and age, it is almost impossible not be connected in one way or another. Despite our technological temptations left to right, resisting the urge to be a social glutton is the best way to get through college with less difficulty.

What devices are you addicted to? Have you found ways to limit your usage? Are some devices essential to your performance in school? Comment below to join in on the conversation!


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  • Technology and homework DO NOT MIX. I applaud your blogging method (genius) however, I know I could never do the same. My problem is that Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/pictures of dogs dressed up as turkeys are only a new tab away and I really can't resist. My method is to do as little homework on my computer as possible, or use the sites as a reward for doing a certain amount of homework. As for texting? I've given up. I need my phone on me at all times for inexplicable reasons.
    Interesting post!

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