Best College Websites

Best College Websites

 By Lynda Lopez, First Year, University of Chicago 


As college students, it can often be difficult to find publications and websites that apply directly to the college experience. Many websites out there focus on gossip that appeal to a younger audience or news that center around issues for older adults. This is not to say that People, Time, and Newsweek can't be useful, but is is fun and useful to occasionally read articles and blogs specifically about college. Here are some of my favorite college websites.


Founded in 2001, College Confidential (CC) has
solidified itself as one of the top college discussion boards on the web. The
diverse discussion threads make CC an ideal place to ask anonymous questions
about college admissions, financial aid, etc. Despite the fact that many, if
not most, of the threads focus on college admissions, there are articles and
discussions that are relevant to current college students as well.


During my college admissions process, I came to
rely on The New York Times' The Choice Blog. This blog offers a multitude of
data regarding college admissions, which can even be interesting to read as a
current college student. Aside from admissions advice, the blog writers focus
on informing students on all facets of financial aid. Since financial aid can
be a tricky domain for any student, this blog helps shed some light on the


Aside from the academic aspect of college, there
is also the important social part of college. College Candy offers articles and
blogs on college dating,  fashion, and college gossip. Even though it does
not sound like the most serious of websites, it can be nice to read a lighter
article about college in the midst of all the seriousness.


This is probably one of the best websites there is if you are looking for advice about becoming a better student. Written by college students all across the country, the posts offer varying perspectives on thriving as a college student. I personally love reading the posts because, as a freshman at the University of Chicago, I have had to drastically change some of my study habits. College is a huge change of pace for many students and this website is a great resource.

The Huffpost College.JPG

Probably one of the most popular college sites, HuffPost College is a haven for college news. Much of the content on the site is pulled directly from college specific news sites, so it allows students to directly read about issues on campuses across the country. HuffPost staff writers compile slideshows ranging from "Top Ten Party Schools" to "Top Ten Best Value Colleges." I don't always find the content interesting because sometimes it becomes too specific to one school, but I still find it nice to occassionally browse some of the articles.


Even though I am a student at the University of Chicago, I am willing to admit that Northwestern's North by Northwestern is, by far, one the best college news sites out there. Despite the fact that Northwestern has a separate daily newspaper, this site offers additional news about the campus but also presents articles spanning issues that relate to college students across the country. It is quite impressive to see a college specific site apply to a wide range of students. The reason this site is compelling is the fact that much of the content focuses on the college experience, not specifically the Northwestern University experience.

 Do you agree or disagree with my favorite college websites? Talk about it below! Tell me about your favorite college sites! Does your school have a cool news site that others should know about? Leave a comment about it.

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