Loyola Center for Digital Ethics Posts Blogger Guidelines

Loyola Center for Digital Ethics Posts Blogger Guidelines

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As the line between journalism and blogging blurs into an unrecognizable
gray area, one authority in digital ethics has decided to step up and
propose a set of universal blogger guidelines.

On September 22, the Center for Digital Ethic and Policy at Loyola
University Chicago posted "Best
Practices for Bloggers: Dimensions for Consideration
" on their
website, http://digitalethics.org
The post detailed guidelines for bloggers concerning transparency, attribution, responsibility, face, text, truth and

The major difficulty concerning blogging guidelines is the large variety of content and interfaces for blogs on the web.

The CDEP attempts to solve this problem by posing a series of questions under each of the above topic headings.  Each blogger can customize their set of guidelines by examining their personal answer to each question.

Though the code of ethics is not the first of its kind (Google search
"blogger code of ethics" and you'll find hundreds of blogger-proposed
guidelines), it is among the first organizations that is taking an objective look at the ethical implications of blogging (that I have heard of).

For more information check out the Loyola Student Dispatch post here.

Do you have a blogger code of ethics you adhere to?    Do you think there is anything that should be added/taken away from the CDEP's code? Have you ever faced an ethical challenge as a blogger?  Weigh in on the debate, and comment below!

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