HerCampus: A "collegiette" take on campus life

HerCampus: A "collegiette" take on campus life


By Lynda Lopez, ChiU Writer
Note: Lynda Lopez is a new writer for ChiU (she'll be posting from her own name soon). Check out her writer's bio here

A few days ago, I was looking through my piles of
papers students had passed out at a student activities fair on campus. I came
across the list of publications on campus and saw "Her Campus" listed. "What's
that?" I asked myself.

I decided to do what any 21st century
student would do; I googled it. To my surprise, millions of search results
popped up. I clicked on the first website and discovered a whole new world. I
saw content entirely for college women and it was exciting to read the opinions
of women on campuses across the nation.

The excitement that I felt was exactly what three
Harvard undergraduates were looking for when they conjured up the idea for Her
Campus. Stephanie Kaplan '10, Windsor Hanger '10, and Annie Wang '11 met while
running Freeze, Harvard's College
lifestyle and fashion online magazine. Despite liking Freeze, the young woman felt that that they could build something
much bigger and better. During the spring of 2009, they came up with the
business plan for Her Campus. Their plan was to design a place where college
women could discuss issues that are important to them and that others could
learn from. The plan went on to win Harvard's College business plan

The website debuted in the fall of 2009 and has
since been making giant strides. There are currently 60 college and
universities participating and hundreds of student journalists. The topics
discussed on the site range from the serious to the just plain funny. It is a great
site for college women wishing to escape the impersonal nature of other college
focused sites.

Check out HerCampus here.


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