It's A Beautiful Day

Hey friends! I'm much more alert and much more on Rome time. So I will count this as my first official Roma post. We don't have to talk about the one before.

So! I've now officially been here for two entire days, entering into my third (it's about 10am here in case you were wondering. Time zones. How do they work?). So far I've walked a ton, shopped a little, and fallen twice. TWICE. The second time was a pretty rough tumble down some stone steps. My legs are slightly more bruised than my ego, although the spectacle was witnessed by upwards of four cute Italian boys. Thank the lord I wore spandex under my dress. 
This morning, two of my roommates and I went to the largest market in Rome, which is conveniently a 10 minute walk from our apartment, and it was HUGE. Like miles and miles of clothes and knick knacks and food. I bought a very cool scarf thing, which I tried to upload a photo of but unfortunately the internet here is not fast enough for such fancy technological advances. As we left the market, an Italian man was singing U2's Beautiful Day at the top of his voice as he pushed a cart. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds. 
I seem to have a neon I'M AN AMERICAN flashing above my head as I wander the streets, since no matter how hard I try to speak Italian, everyone always responds in English. I realize they're probably trying to be helpful, but I can't help feeling like a sucker or a tourist. I'm trying not to take a bunch of pictures everywhere, but I want to. I want to wear a t-shirt that says "I promise I'm a student! I have a legitimate reason for being here!!", but unfortunately not only do I not have a means to pull that off, but I also wouldn't know how to translate it.
Classes start tomorrow and I have a very enticing date with Livy and Plutarch that I'm already running late for, so ciao, i miei amici! I hope you're all sleeping soundly in your American beds. 
P.S. If you have any questions, or say, something else you want to hear about living abroad, leave a comment! I'm new at this. 

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