ChiU: How it all began... And a little about Karis

ChiU: How it all began... And a little about Karis
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Once upon a time I was a freshman.

Though many people begin the story of their adult life like this, what makes my story unique is the setting of Chicago.  Though the Windy City is by no means a college town, I decided on Loyola University because it could offer me a residential campus, top notch education and my life long dream of being the citizen of a bustling metropolis.  But beyond that I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Fast-forward to now and here I am, a sophomore in the city.  The past year of my life has handed me countless experiences no 18-19 year old student would ordinarily have.  From networking with photojournalists to seeing Oprah, Vampire Weekend and Colbie Caillat (all for free!!) to mentoring a fifth grade girl at a local elementary school to getting my first press packages from the Art Institute and Second City, having Chicago as the setting to my academic and young life hasn't bored me for a second.

But living these experiences by myself and with my college friends wasn't enough for this budding journalist;  I viewed my life in the city as one giant story that needed to be told.  So I did what any self respecting writer would do: I started writing.  I started the blog "Notes From North Sheridan" first on, then moved to ChicagoNow.  After using and exploring the ChicagoNow platform, I realized what an innovative site it is and how blogging is a highly effective means to create communication in a big city like Chicago.  My only complaint was that ChicagoNow didn't seem to cater to my life in the city as a college student.

And that is when I decided to create ChiU.

I realized two things: Chicago is a gold mine for journalism (sports, news, entertainment, politics) and Chicago is home to several of our nation's most prestigious institutions and brightest students.  But despite these two facts, there is rarely communication across the Chicago college sphere.  Here we are, thousands of college students all in Chicago for the same reasons and goals but stuck within the bubbles of our own campuses.  So I decided to create a co-op blog that would cater to students from all the Chicago schools, written by students who are living, breathing, and studying this experience everyday.

Thanks to Jimmy Greenfield and all the writers who applied and were patient as I put this together all summer, ChiU is finally a reality.

So if you love going to school in Chicago (which I know you do) ChiU is for you (rhyme not intended).  Check the About page, the Meet the Writers page, and the How to Get Involved page and the Important Links page.  Comment on the posts, tell us what you like and what you hate, tell us what you want to see.  Follow us on Twitter.  Fan us on FacebookChiU is for Chicago college students by Chicago college students: in other words, FOR YOU.  I hope this is a place for Chicago college students to connect, meet, get involved around the city and on all campuses.  We all pound the same pavement, breath the same bad quality air, and took the same first week of classes trip to take weird reflection pictures in the Bean.  Now its time to share that experience together, through ChiU.

Okay, history aside, here is what I'm about and what you can expect to hear from me:

At Loyola, I'm a journalism major and who-knows-yet minor.  I am a Student Ambassador (so I give tours and smile a lot), a student leader for Big Brother Big Sister, I write for the Loyola Phoenix, and also dabble in the intramural/club levels of soccer.  I'm originally from Falcon Heights, Minnesota.  For those of you who are from Minnesota, Falcon Heights is the home of the State Fairgrounds, and for those of you who aren't from Minnesota (too bad for you) it borders St. Paul.

As the blog founder/manager, I'll mostly be around to mediate, edit, comment, promote and hang out around the site.  I may provide the occasional post and exciting story, but most of my day to day writing will remain on my other blog Notes From North Sheridan (which you should totally read).

Thanks for reading!

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