Chicago: A DePaul student's love affair

Hello and salutations! Welcome to the blog of sophomore student at DePaul University, Katie Paul! I'm so excited you're reading this, and I hope you are too. As you continue to enjoy reading my first post all I ask is that you keep your composure behind your keyboard and save all questions until the end.

As mentioned above and throughout this page, my name is Katie Paul and I am in fact a sophomore at DePaul University studying journalism and digital media. I feel I must clarify a few things at this point regarding questions I constantly receive. 1) Yes, I am Da-Paul, but I am not DePaul in which my loving University is graciously named after. Unfortunately, I have not done anything too amazing to have an entire University named after me... yet. 2) On that same note, I am also not named after and/or related to any politicians, professional athletes, or Jamaican reggae artists. Now that we have a clear understanding of the origins of my name, let's talk business... kind of.

First and foremost, I am absolutely in love with my school. Now, if you
have any previous history as a schoolyard bully, please stop reading
now to avoid reawakening any post-aggressive mannerisms or actions that
may harm you, your computer, or anyone in the room, Starbucks, or
public library in which you are reading this post. If you are still
reading at this point, way to go, you never beat up a kid for their
lunch money or out of your own insecurities! As I was starting to say
before my grade-school-memory-inducing rant, I take a lot of pride in
being a DePaul student, and I feel a great connectedness to Chicago
because of the University. DePaul has given me the opportunity to
experience the city like I have never before. As only a second year
student, I have learned to value the different cultures and appreciate
the diversity of Chicago and our world. For me, DePaul has been a
school of opportunity. From studying abroad in Dublin my first year of
school, to living in Lincoln Park and networking with others, DePaul
has given me, what is for some, once-in-a-lifetime experiences over and
over again.

Adding to my love for DePaul is its location.
Residing in the greatest city on Earth, Chicago has become my
playground, my escape, my adventure and future. Who can ask for a
greater place to be than Chicago? Despite its brutal winters and cursed
baseball team, Chicago is a life experience like no other. From its
famous deep-dish pizza to its lakeshore, endless shopping, beautiful
parks and breathtaking skyline, Chicago itself, is a city of
opportunity. With all that Chi-Town has to offer, I personally believe
the city motto should be: "The Second City of many firsts."

my advice for all those brave enough to call themselves freshmen or
daring first year students is to utilize the city. Get lost, use public
transportation, and try new foods even if they are sold in a sketchy
cart off the street. Get involved with your school's programs and get
to know your community because the more you network with those around
you, the more it pays off in the end.


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  • Great first post Katie! I can tell you'll always have something interesting to say. Can't wait to see what you do with this opportunity!

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