Campus Question: 36 hours in Chicago

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I would like to introduce the first ever weekly occurring post on ChiU: the Campus Question.

Every week we'll be sending our writers out to college campuses to ask current students a question: it may be about Chicago, it may be about college or it could be totally random (most likely the last one).  We just hope it will give Chicago college kids a chance to see what students across the city are thinking, seeing, doing, responding, challenging and creating.  Check back every Thursday for a new question (and find out how to get involved below!).

This week's question was inspired by an article I found on the New York Times website, that suggested what to do if you only had 36 hours in Chicago.  Outside of making several major logistical errors, most of the suggestions were expensive and obvious (sorry NYT!).  So I figured: who better to answer this question than those of us who actually know the city?

This week's question:
What would you suggest for someone to see/eat/experience if they could only spend 36 hours in Chicago?

Think the Campus Question is totally rad?  If you have a suggestion for a great question or want your campus to be represented in the answers, PLEASE let us know!  Tweet at us @Chicago_U, email us, or drop us a comment. 

Who knows?  Your question could get the college students of Chicago thinking next week.

Think you have a better answer than these students?  Comment below!



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  • Totally rad? Are you from the past?

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    In answer to your first question- yes, yes the Campus Question is totally rad (meaning: sick, awesome, really cool, lame attempt at being funny by using outdated slang to describe an current event, therefore inducing pity and more responses to the said Campus Question).
    In answer to your second question- I suppose you could say I'm from the past, I mean, I was born in 1990 when I would imagine "totally rad" was a frequently used term, so perhaps my usage it was simply something I picked up in the womb that my subconscious just recently decided to unleash. However, don't be afraid, I am not a 16 year old who time traveled from the late 80's to sabotage a blog post with my "righteous" sense of humor, I promise.

    Hope that answers your questions! In the meantime I would love to hear what you think about the Campus Question.

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