Labor = Eating A Lot of Hot Dogs.

Either I just partook in manual labor by inhaling an inappropriately delicious number of hot dogs, or I am about to give labor to the world's largest food baby.  In any case, the labor was put into Labor Day today (and the way I'm feeling, the celebration will probably continue through to Thursday).

The best way I know to celebrate an American holiday (whether you regard this day as one honoring our country's workers or if you just see it as the unofficial end of summer - i.e. an excuse to indulge in a few more cold ones) is to enjoy a good ol' fashion wiener (or in my case, wieners).


Enter Clark Street Dog, a no frills approach to the Chicago hot dog.  Sure there's the infamous Wiener's Circle just down the street, but sometimes a girl just wants a wiener sans boobies (I'll leave those to my next late-night bar rage).


Today I enjoyed a few Chicago style dogs - which to the dismay of my friends became completely un-Chicago like when I smothered them in ketchup (enter angry reader emails here) - and a very large army-like portion of fries.


It's back to true work tomorrow, but tonight I'm satisfied with the laborious act of overindulgent hot dog eating.  And for that, I'm proud to be an American.

chow foodies.

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