If spooks could spy in my home using smart toys

There's an article in the UK press today that British spooks could potentially use children's smart toys to spy on suspects. The claim has been made by a tech expert and follows recent stories that talking dolls such as My Friend Cayla and Hello Barbie can be hacked.

3993568640_82183a4e15We've passed the Hello Barbie stage in our household, but it did make me think what dirty secrets would be uncovered in our home, should anyone come up with an all-hearing/all-seeing Hello Fido dog's toy - because that would go everywhere. Secrets such as -

* Some of us don't shower every day (there may be some use of the royal 'we' there).

* I really do love my Mum. Honest. No matter what I say when I come off the phone with her.

* There's a bar of Hershey's chocolate that sits untouched on the sideboard even when the Cadbury's has run out (sorry America, it's the one switch we can't make).

* I'm the one who secretly eats all the Choco Zucaritas. I've no idea what they put in them, but they taste so much nicer than Coco Pops.

* There's a Wee Willie Winkie hat by our bed, just in case. And no, it's not a euphemism for something else. It gets cold in Chicago at night.

* I talk to the dog.

* We don't watch American sports. Now that could get us into trouble.

On the positive side, we would also be able to use our Big Brother friends to arbitrate in such contentious household issues as -

* Whether anyone else apart from me actually does fetch new toilet rolls.

* Who was the last one through the door and left it unlocked all night.

* What he actually said.

* What I actually said.

* The fulfillment (or otherwise) of dishwasher-emptying quotas.

* The actual location of the washing machine, laundry baskets and dishwasher tables. A mystery apparently to some in our household.

* Where I put my keys, credit card, passport, wallet. Although they're usually in the washing machine, laundry basket or dishwasher. Sometimes the fridge.

* Where I did not put my husband's keys, credit cards, passport, wallet. It's not always my fault. Sometimes, but not always.

At least there's one secret that will remain safe even from smart-toy-monitoring spooks - until they introduce smell-O-vision, that is. Whether that pungent aroma really was the dog.

photo credit: Better than Bothan spies via photopin (license)

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  • As indicated by the events since Nov. 13, the feds have more important things to root out. But "I talk to the dog": The dog is already an informant. I'm sure there are also electronic detectors for "that pungent odor"--certainly methane detectors, although probably not identifying the orifice from which the gas is escaping.

  • In reply to jack:

    Great gift idea Jack. Every home should have one - especially if it has a dog. Hours of fun for all the family!

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