It's World Toilet Day - not everyone forgets to flush, many don't have the choice

When we got up this morning, I bet the first thing most of us did was go for a pee. It's a natural start to the day, a gentle warm-up for the events to come later, both diary-wise and toiletary-wise (if there's such a word). We think nothing of having clean water, an enclosed private space, a working flush. These, for us, are basic requirements. But 1 in 3 people in this world do not have access to proper sanitation, increasing the risk of disease and malnutrition, especially for women and children.

To highlight the need of those who really shouldn't have to wait any longer, two years ago the United Nations General Assembly designated November 19 as World Toilet Day. This year the focus is on the link between sanitation and nutrition. According to a WaterAid report released today, diarrhoea is one of the three most common killers of children across the world together with pneumonia and malaria. Around 58% of these deaths could be avoided by clean water, sanitation and good hygiene, which would save an estimated 315,000 young children every year.

For World Toilet Day, Reuters photographers have brought together an amazing photo* essay - 'Around the World in 45 Toilets'. It is well worth taking the time to look through - especially if you're you know where. And don't forget to flush - because at least you can.

*You can view the full gallery either in video form or click on any of the locations in the map at the end of the essay to begin the gallery in photo format

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