Has Diversey Harbor gone Dutch?

There's a great big blue sculpture now adorning the northern entrance to Diversey Harbor which can't help but catch your eye. I'd watched the sculpture being erected last month and looked up its story (which you'll find at the end of this post). But any piece of art is open to interpretation and my first thought was that it looked like a windmill. My next (very unartistic) thoughts were it could be -

20151030_154701_resized1. A pop-up Walgreens - because there isn't one around for at least, I don't know, 500 yards. That blue's just right and you can't get more on the corner of 'Happy and Healthy" than a view like this  - all it needs is a big Walgreens sign.

2. You know how everyone thinks that George Lucas' Museum of Narrative Art is going to be built near Soldier Field? Wouldn't that be too obvious? Think Indiana Jones and maps where X can (sometimes) mark the spot. Think Star Wars and light sabers. You know, those long, pointy things that suddenly light up - big clue. I reckon this is the entrance to what will be an secret underground museum with chambers and tunnels and hidden passages. You read it here first.

3. Talking of lighting up, you heard they're moving the Christmas Tree this year from Daley Plaza? And the city needs to tighten its budgetary belt? Forget Millennium Park - I reckon a few lights and baubles on this and Rahm's your man.

4. You see something missing far off in the background? Can Chicago tourism afford to be without a Ferris Wheel this winter? This is the city that is as famous for its going-around as for its going-ons. So why not stick on a few swing seats to those sticky out things and there you go - although maybe not around.

5. Is this an attempt by someone to evade the coming property tax hikes? According to one map I looked at, the sculpture/bijou open-plan residence with uninterrupted sea views lies just outside the zip code boundaries. But can it escape from Cook County?

6. Given it was being built while the Cubs were still in the game, I was really hoping it was to house the World Series Trophy. But you know the rest.

The real story behind the sculpture (which I love by the way) is that it is called 'Chevron' and is by artist John Henry. It is on loan to the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit for the next year from its owner, local construction company owner John Novak. Novak originally had the sculpture in the garden of his Lincoln Park home until he was forced to remove it in 2013 following complaints by neighbours. At 50' tall and 30' wide, I think it is fair to say it currently is in a more appropriate setting. Many thanks Mr Novak.

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