David Beckham: Sexiest Man Alive and all-round good bloke

People magazine yesterday named British footballer/soccer player David Beckham as its Sexiest Man Alive 2015. Many of you younger things out there might only know Mr Beckham as fashion designer Victoria Beckham's other half. But for us older things he is one of England's most well-known football players, captaining his country's team for 6 years, as well as playing for Manchester United, Real Madrid,  Paris Saint-Germain and LA Galaxy amongst others.

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Photo:UNICEF website, David Beckham with child survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

His professional footballing days are over but he is using his new-found free time well. Already a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2005, Beckham this year launched 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund to help children in danger (Beckham used to wear the No 7 shirt at Manchester United).

According to UNICEF, the fund marks a personal commitment by Beckham 'to use his voice, influence and connections to raise vital funds and rally for lasting change for children'. The charity celebrated his 10-year anniversary in February this year by listing its 10 reasons why Beckham is, in the charity's own words 'our champion for children'. It's worth reading.

This past weekend Beckham organised a charity football match for UNICEF which included such greats as Luis Figo, Ronaldinho and Patrick Kluivert. There was also some little-known former manager called Sir Alex Ferguson (British irony alert here). The week before the match, Beckham had visited UNICEF programs in Papua New Guinea, Nepal and Djibouti while on a trip filming a BBC documentary on the grassroots of football. The trip saw Beckham playing 7 matches in 7 continents, culminating in the charity match at Beckham's old stomping ground of Old Trafford in Manchester. So not quite your average working week then.

Beckham's current average working week is apparently not spent in an aeroplane but behind the wheels of a car, ferrying his four kids around.

He claims to take the trash out at home and is said to be unfailingly polite to everyone he meets, something he attributes to his parents (a gas fitter and a hairdresser) and to his grandfather. In a recent interview, Beckham says his own children are expected to know their 'pleases', 'thank yous' and 'you're welcomes' from the age of 2 whilst his three boys know to allow ladies and girls pass through a door first.

Plus the guy would appear to have a sense of humour - a really important component for me of an all round good bloke. Below Beckham 'translates' for People some British idioms. Personally, I just keep looking at the hair - I'm sure his mum would approve.

And in this clip, Beckham tries to talk in a Texan accent and to sing. But he does remember to add 'please' to one of Ellen's commands, and when he takes his cap off at the end, his hair doesn't look good. Which proves he is human after all.

So hopefully whether or not you agree with People's choice of Sexiest Man Alive this year, hopefully you'll agree David Beckham is more than a pretty face. And pretty hair. And, well, pretty everything.

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